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Beauty Is in the Definition

Your Importance in Today's Image of Beauty

Beauty by definition: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight

People always say that true beauty is what's on the inside. But in all reality, they are just trying to cover up the fact that some people are more beautiful than others. We use beauty to describe physical outward attributes. It's sad but true. I have never heard someone say "Your kidney is looking beautiful today!" No... No! But, most people would tell you that what they mean by inner beauty is someone's personality traits. For example, people think that kindness is a beautiful thing. This is true but when we refer to the definition of beauty we refer to sight. Beauty is outwardly physical. Things like "Your eyes are beautiful," we seem to hear quite often. This is human nature. We observe the things we can physically see first, and then we begin to admire personality traits second.

There is a reason that models have jobs. And that obvious reason is that they have beautiful features. Features that we as humans admire. If you were to ask any teen what a beautiful women looks like, they are most likely to open a magazine or show you a picture of a model. It's true that many people, including myself, believe that these models are beautiful. But it's a mindset to allude to those people being more beautiful than yourself. I once heard the quote, "One woman's beauty is not the absence of your own." The is the utmost of true. EVERYONE has beautiful features. It just takes the right mindset to notice those features for what they are. But yet, the image of beauty has changed. History is the proof. Which in turn means our beautiful features change. So then, isn't every part of us beautiful?

When you first look at someone, what do you see? To be honest, it's probably not their insane kindness or their impressive honesty. We first observe people's looks. Even if we know it or not, it's true. Some people put more effort into their appearance to be able to be more accepted by the social standards of beauty. But when will someone ever be "ideal" in these standards? Realistically, no one could ever be. Before a model's picture goes into a magazine it undergoes an insane amount of photoshop. So if those images are the standard people try to achieve, then wouldn't you have to carry around a screen in front of your face? Beauty standards are unrealistic and they have been for a long time. So then who creates these standards that we look up to? 

Society seems to say that beauty is having a small nose, long eyelashes, and perfectly arched eyebrows. And throughout history, this fake definition has been constantly changed. The society figure seems to govern all. People seem to say that "society" pressures us to be more beautiful. That "society" wants us to look a certain way. "Society" this and "society" that. But who is the society? In all honesty, the society is me and you. So why then do people try to hide the fact that we think some people are more beautiful than others? We don't need to. As the "society", we have the ability to change the view of beauty. Or more specifically, open our viewing "lens" of modern beauty. We have the ability to be more widely accepting of what we think is beautiful. That's a powerful thing.

This is a wake-up call to "society". Don't hide under the idea that people are beautiful on the inside. Everyone is beautiful on the outside. you just have to accept, love, and cherish everyone's beauty as their own.  

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Beauty Is in the Definition
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