Teela Hudak

Teela is a Vancouver-based Sex Educator & Relationship Expert. Learn more at: https://exploresextalk.com/

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Can Psychedelics Reduce Domestic Violence?
19 days ago
We are starting to learn much more about the impact of different types of drugs. In recent years, a lot of research has gone into the impacts of psychedelics on mental health. We have some solid resea...
What Is Abortion?
21 days ago
An abortion is a termination of a pregnancy. It stops the baby from continuing to grow and develop. In many cases, this is done through by medical professionals and the majority of abortions are compl...
What Is Sexual Assault?
22 days ago
Sexual assault can take many forms. The legal definition will change a bit from place to place, but it is generally defined as any action that is sexual in nature and violates the sexual integrity of ...
When Can Consent Be Withdrawn?
22 days ago
When is it okay for consent to be withdrawn in a given situation? Is there a point of no return where a person must simply follow through? No matter who you speak to, everyone will have a different op...
What Is a PAP Test?
23 days ago
A PAP test, also called a PAP smear or Papanicolaou test, is a medical exam that takes a small sample of cells from the cervix. These cells are then examined under a microscope and determined to be ab...
What Is the #MeToo Movement?
25 days ago
The #MeToo Movement has sparked a lot of debate and conversation across the globe. It has challenged a lot of common conceptions about the current standards around consent, gender bias, and power imba...