Teela Hudak

Teela is a Vancouver-based Sex Educator & Relationship Expert. Learn more at: https://exploresextalk.com/

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What Does a Rapist Look Like?
8 days ago
We all want to believe that a rapist is an undeniable monster. A person who is so easy to pick out in the crowd for being an undeniable creep. They are that stranger in the dark alley or lurking in th...
What Is the Morning After Pill?
10 days ago
The morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraception. It is used after any unprotected sex takes place. Someone may consider using this to prevent pregnancy if there was a problem with the prim...
Is Womansplaining a Thing?
12 days ago
Most people have heard of "mansplaining" but what about "womansplaining"? Is that a thing? Splaining of any kind if when one person needlessly explains, often in great detail, about a subject to someo...
Are Birth Control Pills a Good Fit for You?
14 days ago
Birth control pills are a form of contraception that involve the use of hormones. The pills can vary in their make up but the majority of brands are a combination pill of different hormones such as es...
What Is Rape Culture
16 days ago
Rape culture is a toxic set of beliefs that are commonly held about the way the world is. It is a culture that normalizes sexual violence and just sees rape as inevitable, unavoidable, and a totally n...
What Is Birth Control?
18 days ago
Birth control is any number of methods that work to prevent human sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg inside of the vulva. The basic goal is to prevent pregnancy. There are a number of differen...