SR James

Conservative-hating feminist who writes about pretty much whatever pops into her head. Big fan of dead trees with tattoos. Twitter @SRJWriter

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Feminist Pharaohs
9 months ago
Since I was a child, Ancient Egyptians have fascinated me. Their religious system alone could be turned into an incredible fantasy novel with barely any tweaking, and their insistence on decorating ev...
The Power of No
2 years ago
Approximately 85,000 (adult) women are raped in England and Wales each year. In 2016 UK rape-survivor assistance service Rape Crisis reported that in cases where age was known, 2,651 girls aged 15 or ...
Companions, Concubines, and Chastities — Is this the Female Future?
2 years ago
Louise O'Neill's award winning novel Only Ever Yours is catagorised as dystopian, but reading it I didn't feel like I was entering a disastrous future world, full of prophesies yet to pass — it felt l...