Remy Kelbel

I’m a young woman that is obsessed with fashion and has a love for writing. I’m also an advocate for body confidence and not giving a $hit what anyone else thinks because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 💕 

Just Love Who You Are
8 months ago
I have always been a confident girl. My parents told me, “Do not ever change.” My dad told me “Remember what I told you Rem, just be you.” My mom said: “Do not care what anyone else thinks.” As a girl...
Looking at the Mirror
8 months ago
Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and just think that you are NEVER good enough. But some days you look in the mirror and suddenly feel empowered and confident. Has an outfit ever made you fe...
Real Women and Beauty Standards
8 months ago
"Hang on to your youth, that’s where your power lies,” said my mom, staring at the glossy pages of a magazine. “How To Stay Young With Our 3 Simple Tricks.” "How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off,” said ...