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I write about women's rights, sexism and exposing the damaging effects of the patriarchal system. I'll also touch on gun control, homelessness, climate change and education. 

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Catcalling: The Experience of It and the Movement That Follows
a year ago
I had my first experience with catcalling at age 12, on my way to a Halloween party dressed as a cat. My friend and I were walking past a pub and we didn't know that the way we were dressed was prime ...
Walmart Succumbs to Pressure from Conservative Lobbyists Who Twisted Meaning Behind #Metoo Movement in an Attempt to Justify Removing Cosmopolitan from Checkout Stands
a year ago
"Walmart removes Cosmopolitan from checkouts as conservative lobbyists celebrate" Walmart removed Cosmopolitan form checkout stands, following pressure from The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation....