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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of New Jersey. This is her work account. She loves gifts and tips, so if you like something, tip her!

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#ThisIsBeauty Is The New Movement With A Surprising Backstory
a year ago
If there's one community you'd expect to be all about the idea of beauty being a codified, standardized trait, it'd be the beauty pageant community. With so many movies and television shows mocking ho...
Awesome Feminist Gifts that Donate to Planned Parenthood
a year ago
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's the fact that women's body autonomy is under attack. With Planned Parenthood being defunded by the GOP, and abortion rights continually being dialed back...
What Is a Feminist?
a year ago
Right now, less than one third of all women in America are willing to say that they are feminists. Even fewer men do, possibly because a lot of guys don't believe men can be feminists. Considering tha...
Types of Birth Control
a year ago
Birth control is now more readily available than ever before, and the truth is that there are new options coming up every single year. If you want to make sure that you've gotten the right birth contr...
Why Female Breadwinners Struggle With Relationships
a year ago
Being born a female means that you're going to live your entire life dealing with double standards and mixed messages. This is a major reason why we need feminism right now. It's not fair to us, nor i...
5 Countries Making Surprising Gains In Women's Rights
a year ago
America's women's rights groups are not happy right now. Attacks have been launched to defund Planned Parenthood, abortion restrictions are at an all-time high, and many states are now allowed to fire...