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'She Believed She Could, So She Did' Feminist Affirmation Cards Review and More
18 days ago
I decided to buy my first collection of affirmation cards and I ended up choosing one called She Believed She Could, So She Did by Peter Pauper Press Inc. However, I realized even before buying them t...
All the Titties in 'Tuca and Bertie'
3 months ago
Titties! Have you seen so many fun titties in a cartoon show before? I mean, one that isn't porn... Would you believe me if I told you that these titties are actually really important? Do you think yo...
4 months ago
Do you love roses, animals and intricate line designs? If so, then you will love RoseEater! Her combination of dark and feminine creates the perfect eye-candy for anyone who has ever had a dark time i...
15 Things You Are Sick of Hearing When You Don't Want Kids
a year ago
I'm pretty confident I don't want kids. I have a hard enough time taking care of myself ... so I can't imagine trying to take care of another life on top of that. I might consider adoption or being a ...
Feminism Stickers 2
a year ago
I made an article (that was basically a collection of all kinds of feminist stickers) and it got so much positive feedback that I simply had to make another one. This one includes more relevant refere...
Breast Cancer Awareness
a year ago
My Story: On my father’s side of the family there is a painfully long history of breast cancer. Over time my grandma has lost both her breasts to breast cancer, but is still alive and well. Her sister...