Morgan Leigh Callison

I love the written word and it's a privilege and a pleasure to share the ones that come through me with you. 

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How to Be a Lazy Feminist
2 years ago
I would like to start this off by saying that I use the words feminine, female, and woman as ways to express these abstract life areas that are more nurturing and “earthy” by nature, and in no way do ...
How Saying Me Too Can Help Create a Safer World
2 years ago
I think a lot of men have a hard time imagining what it feels like to be a woman who is often prey to to the forces of misused external power, particularly in the masculine form. As women, we live in ...
Does Juicing Lead to Sex with Strangers?
2 years ago
Last week, I made a post on a local social media “buy, sell & trade” group looking for a second hand juicer so that I could maybe save one from going to the landfill or just put one to use that is sit...