Michaela Brenham

Hello all! I am a stay at home mom with a young'n. I love to write and would love any feedback given! You can also follow me on Instagram @alternative_hippie ! You can also follow my Tumblr Alternativehippie 

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I Wanted to Leave
2 months ago
The worst part is that I wanted to leave. I planned on leaving, I had it all set up, I was going to get out. Start again, have someone I could really rely on. Instead, I got pregnant…. Whoops. Just on...
Next Wave Feminism?
3 months ago
Women have been fighting for their rights for the last 200 years. In many ways, we have progressed by leaps and bounds. We can vote, own property, have a job, make our own money, go to school, and are...
Feminism Today
7 months ago
Feminism. The other "F" word. It used to anger me that it has become a dirty word in our current society. However, now I can understand why, I understand why there are people who refuse to call themse...