Maura Dudas

Studying Psychology, getting angry about issues on the web, addressing social conundrums concerning humans that surround me. And just pointing out my subjective majestic opinion. :) Film buff, artsy, reader - I do art too @morcika96 

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It's Not Okay to Say 'Hi' to Women Anymore
6 days ago
Fair warning, males! If you see a woman on the street who's clearly distressed, do not attempt to approach. You have got to first hand in a handwritten application soaked in some magical dust that'll make it okay for them upon inhalation to speak to this superior race. There was an infomercial style sketch called "Women, know your limits!" which detailed the then acceptable patterns of behaviour for women. Which were: shut up, listen, and be docile. One of the women in the sketch expresses eloqu...
Area 51 for Males
12 days ago
After almost always having thought of myself as a girly girl, I found it strange how I could never relate to any of the topics when some individual randomly allowed me into this private Facebook group...
Emma Stone and the World Wide Epidemic of Being Offended
13 days ago
So Emma Stone we know; huge eyes, redhead more often than not, extremely open about her own anxiety, and her characteristic goofiness. She presented the award for best director and dared to say "Greta...
A Tribute to the Celebration of the Uniqueness of Every Pregnancy— a Fleeting Thought about Abortion
22 days ago
I would just like to state that my love for men is endless and I'm in no way the worshipper of modern feminist ideologies such as that men are the oppressors. If anyone and anything is oppressing anyo...