Lonely Allie .

21 year-old sociology and sexuality student trying to change the world. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Montreal based, LG[B]TQ+, Pro-Black Feminist.

You can find me at @lonelyallie almost everywhere.

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Never That Kind of Beautiful
3 months ago
Beauty standards. They travel, they change, but really, they stay the same: so hard to achieve. However, for some they are easier to reach. People with money, able-bodied people and also, you guessed ...
To the Pretty Girls Who Wear Bow Ties
4 months ago
Masculinity in women isn’t the same as masculinity in men. Because it’s not about the tux itself, it’s the strength behind she who’s wearing it. It’s the confidence she has about her place on the spec...
The Young Male and His Phobia of Feminism
8 months ago
All Canadian women acquired the right to vote only in 1960, when Native American women were then given this right. In the United States, it was in the 1920s, though multiple structures stopped women o...