Kennedy Kovalick

21 years old. English major. 

Just trying to, like, realize things. 

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How My Rapist Made Me Stronger
a year ago
It is your 17th birthday. Everything is going to change within a year. In the next year, you will begin your adult life. Everything is going to change Valentine's Day of 2015. You will agree to work a...
Learning to Stand Your Ground as a Woman
a year ago
I have mentioned on this website that I work at a bar (Read: Confessions of a Feminist), and I often have run-ins with multiple guys a night hitting on me or asking me for my number. One of these guys...
Confessions of a Feminist
a year ago
After rolling out of bed, I pick out my outfit for the day, I work at 5. Shorts or jeans? Low cut shirt or just a regular tee shirt? These are the questions I ask myself every day before choosing an o...