Katie Pevreall

Katie Pevreall is a freelance journalist. Previously Senior Editor at LIVEKINDLY she is currently pursuing an MA at Winchester University.

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Men Have Periods Too
10 months ago
Due to my previous job, I am in a lot of Facebook groups. So many Facebook groups, in fact, that it's easier just to let them fill up my Newsfeed rather than attempt the mammoth task of removing mysel...
"Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos"
a year ago
Under the name The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander wishes to teach women how to be good Christian wives. According to her blog, after 23 years of unhappy marriage to her husband, she finally found how...
How to Cope When You Don't Feel Quite 'Gay Enough'
a year ago
For years, something wasn't quite right. I was dating guys, a lot of guys actually, having serious relationships with them, one night stands (sorry mum) and just about everything in between, but it ne...