Kate Quinn

"“Don't step into lives that aren't yours, make choices that aren't nourishing, or dance stiffly for years with the wrong partner, or parts of yourself.”

― S.A.R.K.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Fat Shaming—Like Cancer to the Soul
10 months ago
Many women in our society—yes, myself included—have learned to hate our femininity, hate our form, hate our maturity as we grow older, hate our bodies, our minds, deny our wisdom. How many of us women who have a certain amount of extra weight have experienced the following scenario...or similar? We get on a public bus. There are no seats, and we're trying to keep our balance. Suddenly, we hear the screeching laughter of a couple seated women who happen to be much thinner than we are. Maybe their...
Social Justice Warriors and Narcissism—What Is the Connection?
a year ago
When I first heard the term "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW), I thought it was a pretty cool name for an activist, until I realized there was a difference between an SJW and a social activist. I then le...