Janie McKnight

Librarian, comic reader, cat lover, and tattoo enthusiast.

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So She Did #1 Sappho of Lesbos
18 days ago
This is the first in a series of biographies I will be writing about women from all walks of life and time periods. I'm open to suggestions of women I should write about.
Me Too
2 years ago
This is my “me too” sexual assault story. I was sexually assaulted when I was 15 years old. It was actually only a couple of days before my 16th birthday. My birthday is in November and to get to the ...
Reasons Anne of Green Gables is the Best Female Character Ever
2 years ago
In case you don't know, Anne of Green Gables is an 8 book series written by Canadian author L. M. Montgomery. The first book, Anne of Green Gables was published in 1908. I first read Anne of Green Gab...
Pop Music Gives Me Hope for the Future
2 years ago
Pop music gives me hope for the future. Those are words I never thought I’d write. Aside from my Backstreet Boys and Spice Girl obsessions as a 12-year-old, I pretty much gave up on pop music a very l...