Hillari Hunter

I'm an amateur boxing coach who likes to write about many topics.  In a past life, I was an unappreciated office support employee.  I have sung in church choirs and in nightclubs.  I'm speaking up and out more and using my age as an excuse.  

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I Slapped The Pastor
10 months ago
Everyone was pleased with the new pastor, whom I’ll refer to as Tim (not his real name) at first. The new pastor was younger, preached in a style that made the congregation pay attention, encouraged p...
Being Black, Female, and Childfree
10 months ago
All I did was say that I needed to use the one computer in the office designated for staff use. My co-worker turned my request into an attack on her and her pre-school aged child who were eating lunch...
But I Might Break a Nail
10 months ago
I was training in a boxing gym where there was only one other woman beside me. She and I never had the pleasure of sparring with each other, but we had no qualms about facing the guys in the ring. Eve...