Hayden S

I'm Hayden, I'm 16 and I love writing about anything from music to history to conspiracy theories. I hope you enjoy my page :)

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Why I Don't Believe in Thin Privilege - Part 2
19 days ago
I won't waste anyone's time with an introduction, as you have probably already read part one. Let's just get right into it!
Why I Don't Believe in Thin Privilege
19 days ago
I want to start things off by saying: I am not thin. I am pretty chubby, especially for my height and age. If thin privilege was a thing, then I definitely wouldn't have it. However, I have never beli...
Modern Day Feminism: A Good or Bad Thing?
6 months ago
At the age of 13, I made an Instagram. Not exactly Tumblr, notorious for its political correctness and users with a feminist agenda, but it exposed me to the same ideologies, as screenshots from one a...