Gabrielle Maryse

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The Female Dilemma: Just Eat It
8 months ago
I remember the first time I sat on a Sex Ed. course in high school. It was both painful and hilarious as my science teacher, Ms. Springer* explained what the birds and the bees were to 15-year-old gir...
The Future Is Female: Continuing the Legacy
9 months ago
Following my first article, the trend continues, in which I've asked wonderful women from different artistic backgrounds about where they stand in their field. Needless to say, there is never enough f...
The Future Is Female: Artistic Perspectives
9 months ago
As a writer, aspiring actress and PR specialist, there are many hats to be worn in my day-to-day life—a common trend for many women in the arts. With time and travels, I had the pleasure to work, or s...
The Audition: Public Relations
10 months ago
Receiving an email from my agent at 7 PM explaining I had been submitted to an audition for an American TV show, felt like my prayers had been answered. After searching for a sign that I shouldn’t giv...