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People Need to Start Taking Johnny Depp's Allegations Against Amber Heard Seriously
11 days ago
Let’s rewind to May 2016 and the first time we opened social media and read Amber Heard’s allegations against then husband, Johnny Depp. The actress claimed that Johnny had been physically abusive tow...
Why Social Justice and Public Opinion Are Becoming Dangerous Territory
2 years ago
“Guilty until proven innocent.” This is the current state of the world we are living in with social media right at our finger tips. With the current climate of Hollywood being what it currently is, it...
9 Leading Ladies Kicking Butt on the Small Screen
2 years ago
Sure, when we were young, the whole damsel in distress looking for her knight in shining armour to show up and offer some protection was enticing to watch. Not to mention it kind of had girls dreaming...