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Three Conscious Creators, to Help Give You a Better Perspective on Life
10 months ago
Whilst social media influencers and creators can often get a bad rep, these amazing ladies are giving the industry a new name. A "conscious" one at that.
Four Highly Recommended Books Written by Women of Colour
10 months ago
Tired of seeing the same faces, write similar kinds of stories? Looking for a different story to get your creative juices flowing? Here are some amazing books written by authors, that tell stories tha...
5 YouTube GirlBosses That You Need to Watch, to Get Your Inspiration Up!
10 months ago
Now, I know what you're thinking; "Isn't it a little redundant, watching YouTube videos for inspiration, isn't that just a distraction?" Well ladies (and possibly gents), yes and no. Allow me to expla...
5 Things You Should Probably Avoid Saying to Black Women*
10 months ago
As a black woman, there are a number of of "interesting" statements that have been said to me over the years; usually these "interesting" statements are ones that I'd rather not have to hear again and...
To All the Women That Are yet to Find Their One, True Love—I Have a Message for You
10 months ago
Life can be quite hectic as it is without the added responsibility of a romantic relationship. You've got your elderly neighbour that seems to have suddenly gotten real quick in the last couple of day...