Diane Nivens

Just trying to find my place in this big world. I've got a lot to say if you've got the time to listen.

Twitter: @DianeNivens87

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A Feminist Call to Arms
2 months ago
The news lately is rife with five states that are proposing anti-abortion laws dictating that abortions cannot be performed past the six week mark. These laws have been dubbed "Heartbeat Bills," becau...
An Open Letter to Roseanne Barr
8 months ago
Dear Roseanne, The new season of The Conners has spurred me to write to you. I've been so upset with you ever since the reboot of your self-titled show. You see, I grew up with you as a secondary moth...
Let's Take a Moment to Talk about Marion Zimmer Bradley
a year ago
Nearly ten years ago, a book was put into my hands, as it was for thousands of other women before me; a beautiful work of fiction that would become a beacon of inspiration for many women walking a dif...