Danny Fantom

I'm a snarky Sagittarius, and not sure whether I'm joking or ACTUALLY dead inside. I can correctly name each Harry Potter movie based upon a song from its soundtrack, love food, and just wish I could sleep. Or get paid to read fanfiction. 

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Have You Read This Yet? 'Milk and Honey' by Rupi Kaur - Part 1
10 days ago
(WARNING: This book does touch on subjects such as rape, abuse, and other sensitive subjects. Read this, and the book, with caution and care to your mental well being) I picked this book up on a lark....
When I Realized I Am Aromantic
a month ago
Never have I ever felt a fluttering in my tummy relating to another human being. Never have I ever looked at other couples and felt a gaping wound at my side, as if realizing I was without an importan...