Clare Scanlan

I am passionate about writing! Passionate about animals, especially horses, passionate about women's and children's rights!

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Domestic Violence and Pregnancy
13 days ago
For most couples, pregnancy is a wonderful time when they become closer to the prospect of becoming parents and embarking on this amazing journey. According to Refuge, 20 percent of the woman who need...
Financial Abuse After Separation
17 days ago
You’ve finally managed to get the courage and support to leave your abusive partner. You think you can breathe again and start rebuilding your life. Think again. Immediately post separation is a very ...
Too Close for Comfort?
7 months ago
Social media is exploding with opposing opinions as the new advertising campaign “We believe: the best men can be” from Gillette goes viral, with both abuse and praise for the advert that promotes pos...
Can Discussion of Domestic Abuse Be “Sexist?”
2 years ago
Last week, I wrote an article about how abusive fathers are using the family courts to continue to abuse and control their victims. The courts award them custody and contact with their children and ac...
Why Men-Only Events?
2 years ago
Since the scandal of hostesses allegedly being sexually abused at the Presidents Club dinner, the question has now arisen as to whether men-only events are acceptable in this day and age. There would ...