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Cheekyminx writes intimately about PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and hosts the Facebook page PMDD Life Support, a place where women with PMDD can find information and inspiration to cope. Your contributions are appreciated!

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Simple Tools for Surviving PMDD
3 months ago
Invisible illness sucks. If you look healthy and are of an age to "know better," you are expected to A) snap out of it, B) act your age, and C) pull your own weight. But none of those things are easy ...
We Do Not Control PMDD
4 months ago
I write a lot of pieces about PMDD being a call to turn within and begin a journey of healing, the most recent one being "Periods of Misfortune." I know many of you have also come around to this way o...
Making the Most of Our "Periods of Misfortune"
5 months ago
I recently shared a fabulous meme on Facebook that read: What if periods of misfortune are meant to generate a level of discomfort so intense that we grow desperate enough to become who we really are?...
PMDD & Perimenopause
a year ago
I entered perimenopause about four years ago. It not-so-coincidentally was accompanied by an intensification of my PMDD that eventually made me realize I had PMDD. Up to that point, I thought I was ju...
The Alchemy of PMDD
a year ago
I was very inspired by a post I spotted recently on the Gia Allemand Foundation's Facebook page. A woman posted the question, "I'm wondering if anyone has found any beautiful things coming out of thei...
"I Cured My PMDD"
a year ago
I've been wanting to write this piece for some time, but I haven't been quite sure how to approach it. It's a sensitive thing. But I think it needs to be said, so here goes. There is a tendency in our...