Caitie Perry

The name is Caitie, I am a Junior in college working on my degree in Journalism.

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Women Need to Cover Up
14 days ago
We all hear the sentence and we have heard it over and over again, "women should not breastfeed in public" or "women need to be more decent." My personal favorite and laughable opinion: "Women should ...
10 Things People Think Girls Do for Attention
5 months ago
Girls are not like a book, they are more like a novel series. We are constantly changing everyday. We often get stereotyped as the days go on as well, ranging from "basic (B-word)'s" to "psychopaths" ...
Help I Came Out, Hashtag MeToo
5 months ago
"Men could be falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault. Women could lose out on opportunities at work because men will be afraid to work with them." - Anna North (from Vox) With the above being...
a year ago
#MeToo I have been hurt; abused mentally, physically, and verbally. I have been beaten, felt alone, and told nobody. I am a fighter, a survivor. But I think it is time someone hears a story. I had a f...