Bethany Ashlyn

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What People Don't Realize About Sexual Assault
a month ago
This is a topic that I've been hesitant to write about for a while. Every time I think of writing this I always talk myself out of it. I'll tell myself that it isn't important or that people already k...
Body Shaming Needs to End Now
a month ago
This is a topic that has been difficult for me to write for the mere fact that I do it to myself. I don't know many women or men out there who don't shame their bodies from time to time. Dealing with ...
Can a Woman Be Happy Without Children?
2 months ago
I've written in previous articles about my views on motherhood. Since a child, I always wanted a little baby to take care of. This is part of the reason I was a bit overbearing when it came to raising...
Why Women Need to Stop Tearing Down Other Women
3 months ago
We are in a scary and exciting time right now for women. With all the movements and people coming out to tell their story, it feels as if women are taking steps in the right direction. It is not like ...
Motherhood: To Be or Not to Be
a year ago
“So, when are you two planning on having kids?” A question asked during holidays and events from friends and family that I dread more than anything. At 24-years-old I feel like the last thing I want t...