Aurea Gonzalez

NYC Actress/Model/Writer. I write about everything: good, bad, clean and dirty. My work isn't for everyone. But I can only hope you feel something when you read my words. To learn more about me as an artist visit xoxxo

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Petite Curve Matters, Pt. 2
9 days ago
"I'm not a model." You don't have to be. "I have never done this before." That's perfectly okay, there's a first for everything. We are all here to help guide you. "I have never shown this much skin i...
Petite Curve Matters Pt. 1
2 months ago
I've always been short and have always been picked on for my height, standing at 5'1." People have thought it was okay to pet me, call me names, but I don't think that got under my skin as much as the...
Confidence 101
2 years ago
Over the last few years, I've been making a name for myself as a Freelance Model/Actress and I have had many women come up to me or slide into my DMs, asking me one thing: "How are you so confident?" ...