1890s - 1950s related history

Old Hollywood, Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties, Ziegfeld Girls and WAMPAS Baby Stars; amongst other things!

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More Than Mrs​. Clark Gable
20 days ago
I really do dislike when I see people referring to Carole as 'Mrs. Clark Gable'. Though, I'm sure she enjoyed it—she loved being Carole Lombard Gable, I want to bring to light just a couple of reasons...
Marvel Rea: The Blonde Marvel
20 days ago
Marvel Rea was born Marvel Luciel Rea in Ainsworth, Nebraska in November of 1901. She relocated to California in 1910 with her parents, Nellie and John, and siblings Thomas, Clyde & Eva. Just two year...
Remembering Virginia Rappe
a year ago
Disclaimer: As much as I wish I had solid information on Virginia, I don't. A lot of my information will be sourced from articles and I don't claim any of it to be true. I'm just trying to put a littl...
The Ziegfeld Girls: Ann Pennington
a year ago
Ann Pennington is probably one of the lesser talked about Ziegfeld Girls, Heaven only knows why since she was such a lovely and kind person. In alphabetical order (as you may have guessed, my last pos...
The Ziegfeld Girls: Anna Held
a year ago
I'm going to be talking about the Ziegfeld Girls of 1907 through to 1931. Ziegfeld has always been one of my favorite topics, there's just so much to discuss. I'll be blogging every day until I've spo...