Abby W

A 20 year old college student just looking for a way to get by through sharing her experiences with other people.

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Psych and Prejudice Pt. 2
5 days ago
Greek life is often the focal point of a lot of student life on most large state campuses. Smaller campuses, like my own, do not have sororities or fraternities. From an outside perspective, Greek life seems like either an amazing way to make lifelong friends and promote certain acts of scholarship and service or it seems very superficial. So, what's the deal with sororities? If you took the chance to view the video at the top of the page, and I highly suggest you do, you will see a recruitment ...
Psych and Prejudice
14 days ago
There are countless moments while watching media where double standards run rampant. On any episode of House, there's a crack made by Dr. House about how Cuddy has her "assets" on display and that that is not what a Dean of Medicine should look like, to which she asks if it is because she is a woman in power. On the sports channels, there are debates over whether or not Serena Williams' behavior recently was justified and if a man had done those things, would they have been penalized for it. Our...