A. Lello

Retired flapper, writer, student, MILSO, and fur mama. A champion of the truth, the underdog and executioner of the deceitful.  

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Jean Harlow
9 months ago
These days, when people think of a "Bombshell," they immediately think of Marilyn Monroe, or the recent Netflix documentary about Hedy Lamarr. However, we're focusing on the blondes. And while Marilyn...
The Tudor Witch
10 months ago
Ha! Gotcha with that "Witch" tagline didn't I? Just kidding! There is no Tudor witch (that we know of, at least.) However, the English court of Henry VIII may have felt differently in regards to Anne....
Clara Bow: Writing the Wrongs
a year ago
Movie buffs, researchers, Hollywood enthusiasts, "flapper/Gatsby" bloggers and fashionistas may or may not have heard of the "IT" girl Clara Bow. Who, in the 1920s, breathed life into Elinor Glyn's id...
Marie Antoinette: Debunking the Myths
a year ago
Everyone, for the most part, has at least heard the name of the most notorious queen, Marie Antoinette. If not her name, they've at least heard the infamous fable of the phrase: "Let them eat cake." F...