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Abba’s Banks Favorite Heroines

Happy Women’s Herstory Month

Artwork by Abba Bank$. Inspired by my daughter and women on the come up. Keep Rising.

Hi I am Abba Banks, Chakras Awareness Leader from NYC. I am a loving dad of a beautiful daughter, with whom I love discussing pivotal people of history. Being a conscious contributor to culture, the internet, and society; I know my activity is being viewed by the youth, so my goal is to express intelligence and wisdom in harmony. That being said, this post is about my two favorite subjects in life: women and history. It could be considered coincidence or divine synchronicity that March is national Women’s history month, and the month my favorite girl was born. I am going to share two traditionally celebrated heroines in public school history, and one that I was fortunate to have as a awesome teacher, that guided me to doing my own research, to unlock the hidden amazing lives throughout time.

#1. Harriet Tubman

I remember slowly sliding back in a navy blue metal chair; the air smelling like old textbooks, lead, and chalk dust, while Mrs. Harriet tells me to sit up, and read the next paragraph from the top. The lesson of the day is American slavery, and my current knowledge of slavery in the third grade was the complete Roots saga from television, so I was bored as those afternoons watching channel 13. Nonetheless, as I found my place in the text; I began to read the title: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

Using intuition, song, and guidance from the stars; abolitionist Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom. She lived a courageous life, and her spirit forever lives on. I am thankful for her lessons in bravery and devotion.

#2. Amelia Earhart

As a child I’ve always marveled flying, and traveling the world. The work of the Wright Brothers fascinated me. So on another humid early summer afternoon in the fourth grade, it was war keeping my eyes open through the day’s lesson. So once again I am chosen by Ms. Murray to read the next couple paragraphs, about the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her accomplishments in academics, diligent work in life, and determination to succeed resonated with me. I am thankful for her lessons in tenacity, staying true to yourself, and aiming high.

#3. Hatshepsut

It was a blazing hot August I remember; or at least it felt that way to me in my Frederick Douglas Academy uniform. I thankfully made it in one of the best public schools in the city, and with great power comes great responsibility, I was about to learn. My teacher was Mr. Lawrence, a conscious professor with a teaching style I'll never forget. Mr. Lawrence made it our business to learn Egyptology; from transcribing hieroglyphics to learning the Dynasties and their Pharaohs. It brought me back to Michael Jackson’s music video for "Remember the Time," when Eddie Murphy played the Pharaoh. So I was familiar with the idea of black people being Kings in Africa (Kemet; respectively.) before US slavery. But this mystical summer in the seventh grade really showed me the ancient life. Trips to the Museum of Natural History, the NY Public Library, and the use of Netscape Explorer (pre-Google) I was able to uncover the life of the subject of my final; Hatshepsut.

I know most of us that watch television would think of Doug when you hear King of Queens, but the true title belongs to Hatshepsut. She was born into royalty as Queen to Pharaoh Thutmose II, then held the Pharaoh position (second female to do so in history) for 20 years, until Thustmose III came of age and took his rightful place. Hatshepsut became one of the most prolific of builders, having many temples and pyramids built, she was a diplomatic ruler that opened up many trade routes to cultivate prosperity throughout Kemet. She was my first example of a woman being in absolute rule. Her energy then drives my motivation to support women now striving as leaders. I am thankful for her example of stepping up to the challenge and exceeded expectations through all the speculation of validity. 

I am thankful for all the women in my life and I am honored to have been cultivated from the divine feminine.

If you do not know any of the heroines I listed above, please do your research.

For more content like this follow me on Instagram @DearchakrasLoveAbba and subscribe to my YouTube channel: Abba Banks.

Please share. May you be wealthy in health and prosperity.

#womenhistorymonth #hatshepsut #harriettubman #ameliaearhart #heroines #dearchakrasloveabba

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Abba’s Banks Favorite Heroines
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