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'A Lotus Grows in the Mud' - A Book You Must Read!

By Goldie Hawn

A Lotus Grows In The Mud - by Goldie Hawn. Image Source: Getty.

I recently reread A Lotus Grows in the Mud, the 2005 book by Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I read it, and it's a book truly worthy of recommendation. So I want to tell you about this incredible read, and why it is a must to read.

Goldie Hawn, star of beloved films, such as Private Benjamin, Overboard, Death Becomes Her, the Academy Award winning actress, and one of the best loved actresses ever. 

Goldie shares in her book her experiences of life, including, love, friendship, fear, anger, success, courage, faith, and explains what she took from each, and how they have shaped her as a person. Goldie's wisdom is highly valuable, I have learnt so much from her. To read her stories is delightful, uplifting, refreshing, educational and spiritual.

But don't expect a tell all Hollywood book, for that it is not. This is a book to fill your soul of knowledge and, if you choose, advice which you can take away for yourself, to nurture, to take hold of, embrace your own feelings, and to be a fully rounded person.


Image Source : Getty

"Never doubt the magic of miracles. Just because we can't see them, taste them, touch them or smell them doesn't mean they don't exist."

           - Goldie Hawn.


Image Source: Getty.

I first read this book in 2005, when I was in my twenties, living in the big city of London, and the wisdom I took from this book was priceless. 

You know how it is in your twenties you question life, you question yourself. It's hard being in you twenties. You ask yourself big questions, what do I want? Where am I heading? What is my purpose? You have a lot of fears and worries. It's a time where you are still getting to know yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I, for one, had many questions which I longed for answers to, about men, love, death, grief, fate, life's purpose, to name but a few! I started reading A Lotus in the Mud, and many answers which I so badly needed were there within these pages. These answers brought me great comfort.

Goldie undeniably has a great thirst for knowledge, and looks for the understanding of situations, feelings, and takes spiritual lessons from them all. She looks at the bigger picture.

Whilst rereading this book, again I got that blissful comfort feeling, and I took away wisdom for my life now. Of course now I am way past the learning experiences of my twenties. However I reinstalled many of Goldie's spiritual knowledge, which helps me everyday.

Young Goldie

Image Source : Getty

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'A Lotus Grows in the Mud' - A Book You Must Read!
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