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5 YouTube GirlBosses That You Need to Watch, to Get Your Inspiration Up!

With millions of YouTube channels, YouTube can easily be a source of distraction but here are some accomplished women, that can inspire you to accomplish more!

Shameless Maya—"Do you boo!"

Now, I know what you're thinking; "Isn't it a little redundant, watching YouTube videos for inspiration, isn't that just a distraction?" Well ladies (and possibly gents), yes and no. Allow me to explain.

There are many times in our lives where we all need that boost of motivation and as women, it's nice to see other women succeed. Personally, I find that seeing other women succeed, no matter their industry, encourages me to think "I can do it too!", especially if the woman in question has the added responsibilities of a marriage and family, that I don't yet have. Where YouTube becomes a distraction, is when you're sat watching a countless number of videos for hours on end. Think about it, if you watch five, 10 minute videos back-to-back, you've nearly wasted an hour of your day that could've been used for productive activity. 

This article is to encourage you with short bursts of inspiration and once you're rearing to go, you should be ready click out of that video and get straight to work. With that said, here are some awesome women to encourage you to be productive and accomplish more:

Amy Landino

Amy Landino is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, amongst many other things and she creates videos that can help to inspire us all. From, what a productive day in her life looks like, to her public speaking events, to tips on how to be creative and living a healthier lifestyle. Amy Landino is a true example of a woman that does it all and can encourage you to do the same! 

I highly recommend this channel for women who have an entrepreneurial flare to them. You'll love Amy Landino. 

Shameless Maya

Maya's story on YouTube is a rather memorable one. After a failed marriage and a life full of lack-lustre, Maya decided to start, what she called, a shameless journey. A journey that required her to discover what would happen if she lived her life shamelessly. That brings us to where she is now, she has a whole team of creatives working with her to expand her channel and create better content and she's doing even more off of YouTube. She is a woman of faith and regularly discusses her journey with God and spirituality, as well as the ups and downs of her shameless journey. Something you'll really appreciate about Maya is her sheer honesty about what she goes through. 

This channel truly is for all types of women. Maya creates videos relating to videography, photography, motivation, lifestyle and beauty. 

I highly recommend this channel for women that work, or want to start working, within the creative industry or for themselves one day. You'll love Shameless Maya!

Sophie Shohet

Luxury lifestyle Youtubers are becoming quite the norm nowadays, from showing off their £50,000 shopping trips or their $600 brand new pair of sunglasses, but no matter how much we might love to hate them, there is an increasing demand for them on YouTube. This is where Sophie comes in though, Sophie very much has a channel focused on luxury and lifestyle but she is also interested in seeing us, as the viewers, succeed. 

Sophie has created a number of videos discussing her journey to becoming as wealthy as she is now and openly discusses how she is able to afford the lifestyle that she has created for herself. She has worked her way up from being a cleaner to a company director and from the looks of things, she is only just getting started! Separate from her luxury lifestyle videos, Sophie has made videos discussing how to save better, how to ask for a raise at work, what you can do to have a more enjoyable career, as well as goal-setting and so much more. 

I highly recommend this channel for the woman that's got a taste for the finer things and life and is willing to work towards exactly that. You'll love Sophie Shohet!

Karin Bohn

Karin Bohn is a Canadian Award-winning Interior Designer, Business Woman, Speaker and YouTube Personality. Despite all of these achievements, Karin literally had to start from the bottom-up to make her interior design company what it is now. Karin tells the story in a recent video of hers "Put in the work", where she tells her story in its entirety. She began by purchasing a restaurant with aims to renovate it and turn it into a city hot-spot, with her then boyfriend. When things didn't quite turn out as she had hoped and her relationship ended, she managed to convince him to sell the restaurant to her from there she took things into her own hands the story is history, of course as with any entrepreneurial venture, her story is filled with ups and downs but that's what makes it great. Karin's sheer honesty and work ethic makes her entertaining to watch but most of all inspiring. 

I highly recommend this channel to the woman that's just getting started on building that business or that dream career. Karin is here to remind you that with sheer determination and the right network around you, you too, can do it. You'll love Karin Bohn!


Muchelleb has an entire channel dedicated to productivity, minimalism and self-organisation. She has the perfect channel for the short bursts of inspiration that you need throughout the day. From creating videos about how to feel motivated and productive everyday, to ways to inspire more creativity in your life. Muchelleb doesn't claim to be the most productive person in the world but watching her channel helps to provide a realistic look at what a productive and organised life might actually look like. 

I highly recommend this channel for those of you that might need that short burst of inspiration throughout the day or for those of you that want to drastically improve your organisational skills. She's got just what you need and you'll love Muchelleb!

Remember that...

Being inspired is only taking the first step, you've got to actually learn from these amazing women and take on some practical steps to work towards your goals in your day-to-day life. You've got this! 


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5 YouTube GirlBosses That You Need to Watch, to Get Your Inspiration Up!
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