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10 Companies That Donate to RAINN

RAINN is the leading nonprofit in the United States fighting against sexual violence. Here are some of the companies that donate to RAINN.

RAINN stands for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. RAINN is a national nonprofit organization, which fights against sexual violence and the national sexual assault problem that is growing in this country. This organization is devoted to supporting survivors of sexual violence, and they provide counseling, as well as a hotline to do so. There are many corporate companies that donate to RAINN, and donating to RAINN can help many people get through hard times. Here are some of the companies who contribute.


Google is one of RAINN’s platinum partners, and is one of the main companies that actively donates to RAINN. Google contributed a significant gift to RAINN by releasing Me Too Rising, which is a visual campaign of the #MeToo Movement that has spread across the nation to give voices to victims of sexual assault. Google also partnered with Tarana Burke, who is the founder of the #MeToo Movement. This sponsorship by Google is monumental, and supports the national network in a huge way. It helps in preventing sexual violence and gets the word out to millions.


Atlassian, a large software development company, is another one of the companies that donate to RAINN. They are a platinum partner for RAINN, meaning they donate a significant amount to the national sexual assault cause. Atlassian cares greatly about the community around them, and this is clear in how much money they give back. Normally, people are very skeptical about big software companies because so much money goes into them. Atlassian goes the extra mile to make sure the money coming in goes back to the right causes.

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is a global law group that is a platinum partner of RAINN, meaning they are one of the biggest companies that donate to RAINN. Hogan Lovells launched The Empowering Girls and Women Initiative to combat gender-based violence, and they are supporting survivors all over the globe through their donations to RAINN. They also work closely with the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Tahirih Justice Center, and the Schools Consent Project (SCP).

Project Buchanan

Project Buchanan is a filmmaking and ad agency created by Florence Buchanan. Project Buchanan is a gold partner of RAINN, and this company helped to create the RAINN Survivor Series, which is a film series showcasing some of RAINN’s sexual assault survivors in an emotional and moving way. This company helped get the word out about the national sexual assault problem and sexual violence as a whole, digging deep and finding detailed information about what no one tells you about sexual assault.

Hooligan NYC

Hooligan NYC is a production company that specializes in post-editing and visual effects, and this is one of the companies that donates to RAINN as a gold partner. Hooligan cares about women and women’s safety, and they show this by supporting a very important, national nonprofit organization. Without the support of companies such as Hooligan NYC, RAINN would not have the funding needed to keep its hotline working or its people fighting for justice.

Simpson Thacher

Simpson Thacher is another law firm which contributes to RAINN. This is one of the silver partner companies that frequently makes a donation to RAINN. Simpson Thacher provides pro bono legal help to the RAINN nonprofit organization, and helps them push policies forward in the fight for anti-sexual assault laws throughout the United States. This is a great resource for RAINN, as Simpson Thacher has a wide array of lawyers with different skills necessary to help them in all forms of litigation.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a silver partner of RAINN, and one of the leading companies that donate to RAINN. On their website, Uncommon Goods has a page dedicated to their partnership with RAINN, which educates their customers on rape kits, and how many rape kits go untested or victims of sexual assault are left without knowing who their assailants are. Uncommon Goods encourages donations to RAINN to help with funding of DNA testing, so that survivors can seek justice and prevention can be talked about in a more public space.


TLC Network is one of RAINN’s media partners, and TLC has worked with RAINN to specifically address the issue of child sexual abuse in America today. With the cancellation of TLC’s hit show, 19 Kids and Counting, where allegations in the family had been made of child sexual abuse, TLC took the opportunity to spark discussion on the topic and air a documentary with two of the sexual abuse survivors from the family who could talk about their experience and raise awareness on these important issues. The one thing we're forgetting about the sexual assault scandals in the country is the victims, and by TLC doing this, the problem gets coverage and victims can find support.


Salesforce is a project management database company, and they are one of the companies that donate to RAINN as a bronze partner. Salesforce matches the donations of all their employees as well, to make them even more of a contributor to this great cause. They care about helping prevent sexual abuse in all victims, and they care about raising awareness about this issue.

USA Network

USA Network is another one of RAINN’s media partners. USA Network has developed a public service campaign on their network for RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline. The public service announcement is given by Callie Thorne and Mehcad Brooke who both appear on USA Network’s hit show, Unnecessary Roughness. The announcement educates listeners on RAINN’s hotline and helps survivors get the information they need to report their assaults and start the recovery process.

There are many other contributors and companies that donate to RAINN. These are just some of the major names. Any person, group, or company can donate even the smallest amount or service and make a difference to the cause. To get involved, simply go to their website and click the “Get Involved” tab for more information.

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10 Companies That Donate to RAINN
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