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10 Christmas Gifts That Support Planned Parenthood

Kill two birds with one stone and surprise the feminist in your life with Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood.

Support Planned Parenthood this holiday season by giving gifts that give back. These companies and designers now allow you to give high quality Christmas presents to the people in your life, while simultaneously supporting Planned Parenthood. Rather than donating to Planned Parenthood (or forgetting to do so) and buying random gifts, make use of Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood so that you not only amaze the recipient of your gift with an amazing quality present, you commit yourself to a good deed this holiday season.

This Is What a Feminist Looks like Throw Blanket by Hervember

It's cozy. It's cute. It makes a statement, literally and figuratively. This throw blanket from Society6 is just one of Society6's Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood, brought to you by independent artists who are making their art count in more ways than one. Made of Sherpa fleece, this blanket is not just a political statement—it's a useful, cozy, incredibly warm and comfortable gift that every woman will love for years to come. Cozy up with a mug of tea, and rest easy knowing you've donated to Planned Parenthood just by doing your Christmas shopping.

Holiday Candle by Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms holiday candles, like this vanilla vetiver scent, are gift options you can feel great about. First of all, these are Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood, as Thistle Farms donates a portion of all their sales to women who have been victims of sex trafficking, prostitution, and other sexual manipulation. The candles themselves are also made with natural fibers and organic, cruelty-free products, part of the company's dedication to providing gift options that do only good in the world. Through these products and donations, Thistle Farms gives you an opportunity to celebrate Christmas while supporting women everywhere.

Empowered Women Art Print by Hom Sweet Hom

Empowered women empower women. With these art prints, you can get Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood and women everywhere by expressing an uplifting message in your own home. With this print, you have the option of displaying a mini 8" by 10" print that reflects your values and the most important things to you, in a sweet and aesthetically pleasing way. These prints come to you from Hom Sweet Hom, the art of California native Lauren Hom. Supporting reproductive health care for women across the nation means helping huge portions of the population live healthy, safe lives, ultimately doing good in the world.

Nasty Woman Throw Pillow by United in Nastiness

This Nasty Woman rainbow throw pillow comes in four different sizes, so you can give a gift that's just right for any home. You can also get this pillow for either indoor or outdoor use, making it an option with the potential to suit any situation. Showing support for the LGBTQ community is just one way that this Christmas gift supports Planned Parenthood and its mission, as sexual health and sexual violence in these communities have been historically ignored, damaging many lives. All women, no matter their sexuality or identification, deserve safe access to reproductive health care and education, services which Planned Parenthood provides. Make this holiday season an opportunity to help achieve this.

Women's Kindred Bracelet by Alex and Ani

This dainty daisy bracelet is just one of the offerings from Alex and Ani, who support various causes helping girls and women everywhere. This bracelet supports their SucceedDream campaign, which seeks to give access to education to young girls everywhere and build a better future for them and for the rest of the world. The bracelet comes in rose gold and a bright, Rafaelian gold. The slim bracelet is adjustable for various sizes, with a dainty cord and quaint daisy charm for a subtle, fashionable aesthetic, a purchase that you can feel good about. As an extra added bonus, too, Amazon is one of the companies that donates to Planned Parenthood; so buying off the site will ensure your donation gets to its destination (and may even do so twice)!

Yes All Women Art Print by Justin Brown

Another bold print from Society6, Justin Brown's Yes All Women print is another way to make your donation to Planned Parenthood count. This gift can be displayed anywhere in the home and comes in a range of four different sizes, so you can get something that suits any living space. It comes equipped with a 1" trimmed border for framing purposes, so you can add a frame to the gift or let the gift's recipient choose just the right frame in which to display this statement print. The galactic background and shutter stripes give this artwork an extra bit of pop for a bold aesthetic that will spice up any blank wall space, whether in the bedroom, living area, or even the kitchen and bathroom.

Never Doubt T-Shirt by Connor Fitzpatrick

This holiday season, give a Christmas gift that supports Planned Parenthood and women everywhere with this Never Doubt tee shirt with another offering from Society6. Remind the people in your life that they are valuable, powerful, and deserving, and give them a gift that allows them to remind others of it as well. Building confidence and self-esteem in the girls and women in our own lives, and across the world, is one of the most important steps in building a better future for everyone, men and women alike. This shirt comes in sizes ranging from extra small to 2X-large, so you can get one for every beautiful, valuable, powerful, deserving woman in your life.

Body Lotion by Thistle Farms

Another soothing, enriching offering from Thistle Farms is their Citrus Wood body lotion, which is made of various natural, curative ingredients like shea butter and essential oils for a guilt-free Christmas gift that supports Planned Parenthood. Give this as a gift to any woman in your life, reminding them that love (and lotion) does heal. While you are utilizing one of the ways to protect your skin during the winter cold, feel your inner warmth glow while you think about the fact that Thistle Farms is working to heal the world for women who have been victims of sexual manipulation and violence all around the world, straight from their Nashville headquarters.

Nasty Woman Tote Bag by Anna Dorfman

If the throw pillow isn't quite right—or isn't quite enough—give the gift of a Nasty Woman tote bag instead, so the woman in your life can display it both inside and outside of their home. This gift, too, comes in various size options, so you can give the gift of a little book bag, or a big tote for enough space that any student or working woman's bag needs. This awesome feminist gift that donates to Planned Parenthood is perfect for school, for the beach, or even just as an environment-friendly, reusable grocery bag, so you or your loved ones can make a statement and improve the world in more ways than one.

The Way Home Expandable Charm Bangle Bracelet by Alex and Ani

If the daisy cord bracelet wasn't quite the fashion statement you wanted to give this holiday season, this charity design bracelet is another great option from Alex and Ani for Christmas gifts that support Planned Parenthood. The charm resembles a scarab, which is the symbol of immortality, and is designed to remind your loved ones that love never loses its way home. Remind your loved ones of this message of love and hope with a holiday gift that they can wear every day.

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10 Christmas Gifts That Support Planned Parenthood
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